Complete review – Hands on IOS 10

Today we are going to showcase the experience of TrendyTechz on iOS 10 review. This review is not from any external sources. We from TrendyTechz have completely involved and checked it end to end. Our users are lucky to have connected to us since, this is exclusive available on only.


Some of the bugs that we found while using ios 10:

-Issues with the lock screen in ios 10: screen will freeze some time when we try to respond to messages from the lock screen.

-device restart is one of the major bug. Users will face this sometimes when they take screenshot for the lock screen.

-There are some time constraints for the notification bar where it times out during the interaction with the notifications.

-lock screen will display same iMessage even though you responded to that iMessage.

-Bugs with the lock sounds: lock sounds will not deactivate even though user deactivated it in the settings.

-photos app will not give any location details of the synced photos.

-there is some battery issues with the devices after installing the ios10. Even though it is common for some of the updates.

-there are some issues in the iPad mainly with the iPad pro. Orientation setting sometimes need a restart.

Even though many users are installing the ios10 to experience innovative features from apple. some of the devices are asking iTunes sync. In some cases the data that did not backed up in to cloud might be lost after installation.

-Siri sometimes not providing the valid information about the phone number.

-Installation issues in iPhone 5c.

-copy and paste issues in messaging and email apps.

-world map is missing in clock application.

-issues with the car play after connecting to audio system it always directing to the first song in list.

-Invisible delete button in music app.

Exciting features:

-Invisible ink, street smart are some of the exciting features with which users will get suggestions for less traffic route options to reach destination in less time.

-raise to wake, text replace emoji are some of the small enhancements from apple.

Apple has already released the ios10 beta3 version for the developers. Let’s see what all bugs that apple fixed in this version and the enhancements of the older version 10.0.1 is discussed in next post.

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