Google voice apps- get one number for life

Google VoiceGoogle introduced one number for life through google voice. This phone number is tied to the user not for the device or a location. This feature attracted millions of the users to sing up in to Google voice. Company is providing many services through this application some of them are: messaging, calls, voicemails.

Recently google updated this application. After a while goggle made update to this application with a bunch of attracting features. Company released this update are for both iOS and Android. The important feature in this update is organized structure of UI. Google made required changes to the application and made it cleaner and organized look.  Now all the message like audio, video, text everything comes in to one place. Google upgraded the messaging module for well-organized messaging experience.

Company has already included transcriptions for Spanish and also have a plan for improving the accuracy over time.

Google voice Features:

  • Easy to keep in touch with group messages.
  • Save time with transcribed voicemail.
  • Now it’s easy to check messages, call everything.
  • Hangouts users need not to change the new application.
  • Searchable messages.
  • Share photos instantly.
  • Low rates on international calls.
  • Support for multiple accounts.
  • Group chats, automatic spam filters.
  • Number blocking.
  • Users can use this feature through a smart device or even from a computer.
More info on Google Voice:

Google already started rolling this update. All the users will get this update by sat or sun. This google voice is currently available in US. For more updates click here. According to us google took an impressive step towards developing an application like google voice

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