Google will fix the SMS issue on Pixel phone in the November Security patch OTA

Google pixel security sms updateGoogle launched the Pixel smartphone on October 2016 and promised it’s users that they will receive Android OTA update first in the world. Google is still working hard regarding their promise and rolled out Android O (OREO) first to pixel devices. Soon it was installed there were many issues facing by the owners who owns Pixel phones like SMS issue. Today, a person named Gary Gregg posted his query regarding his Pixel XL Smartphone which is facing this SMS issue. So,  In this post we will share about the problem Gary is facing along with the reply given by the Google experts team. Here we go,

Google will soon fix SMS issue on Pixel Phone:

Google pixel SMS ISSUE

Gary is Pixel XL(Verizon) owner (not Pixel 2) , He is facing problem with messages ever since he updated his phone to Android 0. His problem is that he can send text but he is unable to receive messages. He tried hard to fix this issue with his knowledge and got fed up then he took this issue to Verizon and even Verizon didn’t know the reason for this. So, he thought it would be nice to post a question on Google support page and got an instant reply. Hope he is satisfied with this reply from Google experts team.

Experts reply regarding the SMS issue on Pixel Smartphones:

As soon as Gary posted his question Google experts team gave him  a reply saying that this problem is observed only in few carriers and they will fix this issue including it on November Security patch. So, if you are having the same issue with your Pixel or Pixel XL smartphone then this will be a sweet news for you.

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