Google Pixel 3 smartphone codenames are no more secret

Trendy Techz Google Pixel 3 CodenamesIt is no longer secret any more. Yes, Google launched its new Pixel 2 smartphones on 4th October and most of the tech enthusiasts are still working on Pro’s and Cons of the new pixel devices but today Droid-Life shared to the world about the Pixel 2018 Smartphone devices AKA Pixel 3. So, today in this post we will share the code names and rumors of this upcoming pixel devices along with few screenshots. lets start our post without wasting much time.

Code-names of Pixel 3 AKA Pixel 2018 devices:

According to Droid-Life at least one of the code name google currently working on pixel 3 is Crosshatch. Same website gave us a glimpse that google is working on two more devices with code names albacore and blueline. 

Google is working on three pixel devices same like this years “Walleye” , “Muskie” and “Muskie”. Next years Pixel 3 Line up code names are “Crosshatch”, “albacore” and “Blueline”. Out these three 2018 Pixel 3 code names one will be premium and other will be high end tier. Droid-Life shared a screenshot which confirms One of these three devices as Crosshatch. Here is the Screenshot for you,

Trendy Techz Google Pixel 3 Codenames

As you can see this was taken from AOSP listing and this is with reference to the Pixel 2018. This left us Unknown with rest two Code names Blueline and albacore. What surprises from the above screenshot is a new code name Wahoo. This might be a left over device from Google 2017 event. So, we may not expect this to be in 2018 Google event list. We will update this post soon so that you will get even more clarity on Google Pixel 3 smartphones and all these codenames. So, Please stay tuned to our site for more details regarding this post.

Trendy Techz Google Pixel 3 Code names

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A big shout out to Droid-Life team who shared this brilliant article to the entire world.

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