google hat camera might be googles next prototype

google hatHello Trendy Techz users, in this post we will discuss about the all new google hat which comes with pre-installed camera. According to source we found that google recently filed a patent for the prototype. The picture looks like a Hat with inbuilt camera on the top. This might be the googles next flick.

As we know that google has been working tremendously and introducing lots of innovations every year. Like we been seeing google cardboard and all the innovative gadgets in this category since last year. Hope we will get to see a hat with camera soon this year.

This hat camera looks like the snapchat spectacles preinstalled camera which can capture movements and videos as well. As mentioned in Live science that this hat camera prototype has got patent on Tuesday (Feb). this gadget will offer wide amount of features mainly intended to social media. It is also mentioned that this gadget is also designed for safety purposes for more information on this feature click here.

google hat Features:
  • Photo and videos.
  • Sharable to social media.
  • Live interactions.
  • Wearable camera.
  • Storage capacity.
  • Mobile device connectivity. Comes with wireless communication module.
  • Video can be feed to emergency services in case of emergency.

google hat with camera:

Users will have a feature to activate the emergency situation indicator. It will transmit the video like the opposite persons movements to the reachable emergency handling system. This might not save people from stranger but defiantly scare the intruders because their activities are recording and are sending to emergency handling system.

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