Google’s plan to fool users for this April- Pac-Maps

Google April foolGoogle been pranking their users for every April fool day. Though it is their old plan company has decided to re-use Pac-Maps prank for 2017 April fool’s day. Company has already initiated the desktop, iOS and android versions of Pac maps. Users can find this game in their applications.

How to open Pac-Mans

Just open your Google Maps application -> press pink button on the right that’s it application will initiate the Pac-Man. It’s fun to play Pac-man in our streets. Though it is old idea from google we love this way of playing Pac-Man. But this time google has not integrated a feature which allow users to play Pac-Man in their locations. They have replaced this feature with random place from all over the world. That means users will get a random location all over the world. They need to play and escape from the ghost. Normally users will get 5 chances to outrun from ghosts.

Web version allows users to pick their location for playing Pac-Man. Even users can select the game level in web version of Pac-Man. We really loved the way google is planning things to fool their users. It’s so funny that technology has making humans fools. Below we have included a cute and smart video of Google home see how google home fooled their owners.

Google Home April fool:

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