Go online without unlocking your android mobile- Instant tethering

Instant tethering

Hello Trendy Techz users, we are back to provide latest information regarding the android new feature. It is known as “Instant tethering”. This feature helps the android users to connect to their mobile hotspot in less time – Instant tethering. If we consider the traditional way of turning on the tethering in your android device it is a tedious task.

To make it simple and easy google made certain changes to the google play services 10.2 this feature will definitely help the android users. They just need to use single google account in both devices( android phone as well as the system or device which need internet hotspot). Suppose if a device lost the connection it just pops up asking if you want to tether to your device. It just simple no additional way to setup connection.

Instant tethering Features:Instant tethering

  • Phone battery status in your connected device.
  • No need to unlock your android phone.
  • Hotspot device should connected with network.


Google is offering this service to particular list of smart phones. So if you want to check this out just go through main system settings-> google menu. You must find instant tethering there. Depending on your contract policies and other carrier plans tethering settings varies. Restrictions depends on your carrier. This concept of getting tethering without unlocking your device resembles the mac and iPhone way of establishing the hotspot connectivity. Google made its mark of changes to provide efficient services.

Instant tethering:

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