Facebook New updates- group Chatbots- get all updates to your group chatbox

group ChatbotsHello Trendy Techz users, in this post we will discuss about the all new Facebook updates. As we know that this is one of the best social networking platform which is coming up with innovative features. Every time we get an update from Facebook we are not only getting the bug fixes we apparently getting bunch of new features. This time we are getting all new Facebook group Chatbots.

Facebook already provided lot of features for messenger. Recently stories, and huge enhancement in GUI and more. Now Facebook has a plan to provide group Chatbots for group chats. This bots helps the groups to get updates according to their interests. For example if you are in a football group you will get all updates about the game during the chat. And for an e-commerce they will get their order status. For software people they will get all updates about the latest codes and lot.

group Chatbots:

It is mentioned in the android police that Facebook is going to release an API for group chatbots using this companies from different categories will get a chance to build their own and can provide to FB users. Users can select the Chatbots according to their group interests. So in and all we are entering in to software bot environment. Like here the bots do its task to get you updated in your field of interest.

Facebook group Chatbots:


This will be the next game changing feature in social networking. We never heard about this kind of features. But this kind of features from such a huge platform might affect other small applications. We have some applications for getting football updates, e-commerce updates, and for every news category we have different applications.

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