Facebook new features- facebook gif

facebook gif

Facebook has been introducing bunch of new features to its platform. Last week company introduced stories in messenger application. Now facebook adding its famous GIF feature to comments. So users be ready to experience all the funny GIF’s as a comment to your older posts as well. Up to now facebook provided GIF’s in the messenger application where users can send this GIF’s as a reply to message.according to us facebook gif will definitely increase fun while commenting.

facebook gif Testing:

Right now Company is testing on the latest GIF button in comments session. TechCrunch mentioned. Company has a plan to provide this Gif button feature for particular amount of users. According to the response the company will take steps to get this feature for every user. This upcoming feature almost looks like the messenger GIF reply feature.

One of the problem in this feature is users might get distracted from their newsfeed while seeing the GIF’s so this is the reason why company has been decreasing the GIF’s access on Newsfeed since years. According to sources it is said that company has already got huge support of GIF’s built for years. But they did not released all this GIF’s because of above mentioned reason.

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