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Dislike button Hello Trendy Techz users, at last we got dislike button on Facebook. From now you can respond with Dislike button emoji’s on your friends messaged on Facebook. This helps you to respond rapidly. Even you can use this for news feeds. Though apple users got this feature on latest iOS 10 imessages this will be more useful for Facebook users.

So now users can just tap a message for applying emoji on that. They will get wide range of emoji’s like thumbs-up, thumbs-down, heart eye, sad, angry, lol and many more. This brings more fun while in a conversation. Even users will get a chance to view the list of emojis with the responded user name.

TechCrunch mentioned that Facebook confirmed this feature to them saying “we’re always testing ways to make messenger more fun and engaging”.  Till now we been seeing many day to day updates on Facebook as well as on Facebook messenger application. This emoji integration will be the new update to the existing emoji’s in app. The new graphic in emoji’s will always be a safety step in improving the user’s involvement in conversations. Apple did that and got many positive reviews on their latest emoji’s.

Mark on Dislike button:

WhatsAPP new integrations:

Even we got @userid feature to decrease the ambiguity in the conversations. Like now users can reply to a particular message in group messages by putting @username in the conversation. It shows that he/she is intended to that messages. What a great move by Facebook as well as WhatsApp. In WhatsApp we got reply to particular messages this will eliminates the ambiguity in chatting.

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