Deep neural networks plays major role in finding obstacles near you

Deep neural networkWe been seeing lot of technological innovations. There is a wide change in the driving patterns of a vehicle. We have got artificial environment, self-learning technologies, and machine learning algorithms and many more. Everything works according to the program or a set of instructions no not only the set of instructions or program there are many buddies working simultaneously with the programs to fulfill our goals. They are known as sensors and the chips in the backends.

Every actions and task performed by a machine includes software and appearance for front end and as a sensors and chip lining as backend or as a hardware. Everything related to this will includes the neural network pattern recognition. These networks works according to the designed patterns and will recognize the patterns. It also interprets the sensor data using a machine view. By labelling and clustering the raw inputs. Everything in this concept comes under the Deep learning Deep neural network. It is one of the important and highly required skill for the IT industry. For more information on the deep learning click here.

Deep neural network:

 MX net with Intel MKL:

MXNet it is an open source framework for deep learning. This frameworks help the programmers to define the premier constrains of the neural networks. It also allow them to :

  • Train neural networks.
  • Define neural networks.
  • Deploying the neural networks.


  • Fast model training.
  • High flexible.
  • Supports on multiple languages.
  • Now you can mix symbolic and imperative programming model and can maximize the efficiency.

MXNet with Intel Math kernel Library

Dynamic dependency scheduler in MXNet allows the framework to parallelize symbolic and imperative operations automatically. For fats symbol execution it has a graph optimization layer. Latest release of MXNet comes with the built support for Intel Math Kernel Library. For more info on this click here.

Requirements to install MXNet. It includes all the minimum required config and compilers for running latest MXNet.

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