Chris co-driver : Personal Assistant for your car

ChrisChris is a gadget for your car it acts like a digital co-driver with artificial intelligence brain. Company mentioned that it is the world first assistant which will stay connected to all your digital life at the wheels. Basically it is like a friend for the driver. It accepts hand gestures, talks, and responds like a friend. We been seeing this kind of gadgets since last year like google home, Alexa and many more in future we will get to see the Facebooks artificial intelligence gadget.

These kinds of gadget will definitely help the drives to do tasks without changing their focus from road way. Chris will read your messages, it listens your messages, delivers you messages and call to a friend according to command. Play music in the car by communicating with internal audio system and many more features.

Artificial intelligence features – Chris:
  • Chris setup & installation can be done in less than 3 minutes.
  • It is like a smart mobile device for your car.
  • Users can access messages, calls, music and navigation through this smart artificial intelligence.
  • As it has Artificial intelligence brain this gadget will always learns according to the user command.
  • Ultimate speech recognition and gesture control.
  • Quick installation and easy to carry.
  • Compatible with any car.
  • Messages like: WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, and Email.
  • Voice activated phonebook, recent calls.
  • Music: Spotify, mobile, apple music, google music etc.
  • Navigation: Real time traffic info, offline, POI, balanced turn by turn navigation.
Chris personal car assistant:

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