Checkpoint saved WhatsApp Web and Telegram Web from massive threat!!

WhatsApp web & Telegram webHello Trendy Techz users, in this post we will discuss about how checkpoint helped WhatsApp and Telegram from the massive threat. We know that this two platforms are world famous and already has got lot of users. These companies are getting more and more users since day one right now they have got around millions of users whereas WhatsApp got 1 billion users & Telegram has got around 100 million monthly active users. Checkpoint has found one security threat for this WhatsApp web and Telegram web platforms. Checkpoint is one of the largest cyber security vendor. This software solutions company has been providing their services since many years for protecting users from cyberattacks.

WhatsApp web & Telegram Web

Thanks to Check Point

This vulnerability allow the intruder to access users personal data like contacts, share WhatsApp mages and group conversation data and many more. Applications from WhatsApp and Telegram has got more security than the Web platforms. As we know that we been using our WhatsApp and telegram in desktops using WhatsApp web platform where checkpoint has found security leakage.

Check Point disclosed the information about the vulnerability to WhatsApp and Telegram security teams. Which save many of the user’s personal data from a huge threat.

Effects if the vulnerable attacks!!

Initially the intruder will send a simple innocent image. If the user opens that image then the hacker will get entire control over the users account. Hacker will get to see and edit all the users content, he will get access to contacts as well. Thanks to head of product vulnerability research at Check Point. Because of this team today we are using WhatsApp web and Telegram web securely.

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