Cargo carrying robot – Robot which follows you!

Cargo carrying robotHello Trendy Techz users, we are back with the latest trending information about the cargo carrying robot. We been seeing many innovation since last year in the field of AI and drones where many MNC using drones with AI for package delivery and also for army purposes. Likewise the Italian company behind Piaggio has recently introduced one Cargo carrying robot and they call it as “Gita”.

This robot helps the users in carrying their heavy weighted luggage, and follows them. Robots like this comes handy when going to a grocery store or in carrying your luggage in airport if at all they get the permission from security department to allow this kind of robots in to plane and airports.

It’s all about gita – Cargo carrying robot

Gita robot comes in blue color and in a shape of ball with two wheels. Ofcourse it will follow users so robots like this will always come with multiple sensors and cameras. For navigating this robot user should wear one belt. This robot creats a 3D map of the environment around it using its sensors and cameras. SLAM technology helps this robot to understand and localize the changes around it. It will adopt to your surrounds soon as much as you roam with it.

  • Finger print scanner for access.
  • Passcode unlocking.
  • Carries your luggage.
  • This robot is able to do smaller tasks.
  • 26 inches in diameter and can resists up to 40 pounds.
  • Capable to travel up to 22 MPH.
  • Run for 8 hours.

The CEO of the company said that this type of robots are not for replacing the human labor. These are just to extend the human capabilities. Mentioned in Entrepreneur.

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