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applicationsHello Trendy Techz users, today we have a different plan to discuss about the applications. Why it is different? Because we are not discussing about one category applications we will be discussing about best in class apps in diff categories.


Ofcoure we all know google maps will be on top list though we have some applications next to google maps that are to be installed right away on our memory board in devices. One of the application is:


Till date we found this applications is one of the best application in Maps category. Because there are no ads and we have a feature for downloading maps i.e. offline maps are possible without subscribing in to any package. It has huge databases and around 50 million people are using this worldwide. Accuracy in delivery and many more features just hit install.

 Bets alarm application: aWake!Gently

Probably this is the only application which takes care of your sleep. Its gentleness wakes you up in good mood no like the traditional apps which shouts like there is fire wake up wake up!!. According to researches it is proved that a person should be wake up from sleep gently sudden or shocking raise might affect function of your heart so guys we prefer to install this alarm app.

Tools: Battery doctor and Microsoft remote desktop:

These are the applications comes handy in many cases. Probably you guyz heard about the battery doctor. If you have this app that good for your battery heat monitoring or else we prefer you to install this and analyse your battery consumptions accordingly limit the apps which eating you charge. We will get lot of feature in this app it even clears some unwanted cache and optimize the disk space and more.

Microsoft remote desktop will be the best app for connecting to remote devices. Remote resource access, windows gesture support, simple connection management, high quality streaming. These are some of the feature of this app. If you want to access your devices remotely we prefer to use this app.

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