Artificial intelligence + NVIDIA GPUs role in Farming

Artificial intelligence + NVIDIAHello trendytechz users, today we will discuss about the Aritificial intelligence + NVIDIA roles in Farming. Recent AI innovations helps the farmers to find out the Combat plant disease in plants. Identifying and Finding solutions for this diseases will increase the growth and quality of crop. AI will definitely transform the way of farming techniques before.

Artificial intelligence + NVIDIA Plantix mobile app:GPU accelerators

It is born in amazon forest. This application helps framers to find plant diseases using Artificial intelligence. A team of German researchers in Brazilian forest studied about the emission of greenhouse gases because of change in land usage. This made researches to find one application regarding the crops.

Artificial intelligence + NVIDIA for Plantix app Process:

Farmers can take photos of damaged plants and can post in Plantix mobile application. This helps them to identify and to treat crops. AI compares and finds best solutions according to the photo they have uploaded. According to us it is one of the best application ever. AI is one of the futuristic technology where it can even compare and find the name of the disease even from the photos.

According to sources that this applications is already been downloaded around 50000 times and almost 100,000 images has been uploaded in to PEAT’s databases. PEAT technology can be used on drones, farming equipment and on many techniques on farming cultures. It drives more efficiency in getting crops and its quality. Plant diseases is the main issues in farming AI drones helps the farmers to find diseases plants automatically by running throughout the farming field.

This way of automation in farming will defiantly increase the crops yield ratio and efficiency in farming.

Aritificial Intelligence + NVIDIA TITAN X GPUs:

PEAT with the help of NVIDIA GPUs combination with CUDA computing platform helps to analyse the photos of diseased plants. For more information stay tuned. hers are the links for more on AI.

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