This application lets you get circle and explore things

Cosmunity applicationHello Trendy Techz users, in this post we will discuss about the application which helps users to get their circle in different fields. It is like a central platform for sharing and gaining solutions for your tasks. In and all users will get to meet lot of people in their circle through which they will get a chance to explore different events, games and movies.

This application is available for both android and iOS platforms. The name of the application is COSMUNITY. The first social marketplace for your inner geek.

This applications helps users to share and explore many things like anime, cosplay, comic books, games and event with other people across the world.


  • Users can shop for unique and memorabilia.
  • Easy search for local as well as global events.
  • Post YouTube videos, uploading photos, sharing links to your favorite content.
  • Chat, friend follow.
  • Select local events according to your passion.
  • Invite friends, pay through PayPal, credit or debit cards.
  • Track status of order.
Cosmunity application:

All the above mentioned features helps the users to explore lot of new stuff around them. The interesting thing here is users will get a chance to meet and attend lot of event and people which suits to their passion. Stay tuned to know more about this application. We recently started using this application and get to know lot of unique things around us. So users we hope this application will help you to reach your passion.

Click here to download COSMUNITY .

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