Amazon prime air

Amazon prime AirThe all new amazon prime air is one of the best innovative service form amazon. The company is known for its best services and service on time. Recently amazon also started their branch without cashier system. It is one of the best in store no line no waiting concept. We been impressed with all the new services from amazon. We already seen the all new concept of amazons flying drone prototype for on air delivery.

Now amazon has got latest drone services and it is known as Amazon Prime Air for more info and registrations in this service click here.

Amazon Prime Air:

Amazon prime air services:It is one of the dream, services for customers. The process of ordering the product and waiting for the product is entirely changed now, amazon new prime air is one of the service where you will get your order by drone yes, drone delivers the product you have ordered. After ordering the product users can track their package and the delivery time of their product. It is quite easy and simple. So now shopping is on finger steps distance only. Drones gives you notification before delivering order in your yard.

Amazon has included huge technology in providing this services to their customers. This drone itself identifies the ordered address and with the help of connectivity it finds out the drone landing spot the amazon logo pad near your house and delivers the order.  It is one of the cost saving and efficient service ever. Because the accountability of product and the delivery time everything has changed now.

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