AIRBAR for mac Air and other devices

Hello Trendy Techz users, in this post we will discuss about the latest trending gadget AIRBAR which helps the mac air users to turn their laptop screen into touch screen. Now it’s easy to make your MacBook Air 13.3 in to touch screen. This gadget is the world’s first plug and touch solution for the laptop users.



AIRBAR Features:

  • Compatible with 13.3 MacBook Air.
  • Plug and Touch.
  • Users can touch the screen using any object.
  • AlwaysOn sensors.

Click here for pre order.

It comes in three different models with 15.6, 14.0, 13.3 inch for laptops. All these will comes for just $69. People from US and EU will get this device in 4-5 weeks after order.


This device will definitely increase the users experience with their old laptops and will give the entire new experience. User’s interaction with this types of applications will increase their work efficiency. As we used to use touch devices like phones, tablets almost every place we used to see and use touch devices for power efficiency and maintainability. So lets make our old laptop screens to touch screen.

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