6 reasons to buy android device


Hello Trendy Techz users, today we are back again to provide reasons to buy Android device. As we all know that android is an open source when compare to other operating platforms android is almost equals to the sale percentage in market. Sometimes the percentage of android devices in market are pretty higher than other platform based devices.

According to 2016 MAR, sources said that there are around 2.4-2.5bm iOS and android phones. In those 450m android phones and 630m iPhones. So it is said that Market for both platforms are almost same and here are the 6 reasons to buy android device according to us.

#Wireless charging:

Wireless charging is the next technology breakthrough in gadget industry. Now companies like Samsung, Google, LG and Microsoft already started manufacturing their versions of wireless charging devices. All this are available only for android devices right now.

#Fast Charging

Battery charging speed matter a lot in this busy days. Android market has already got their versions of fast charging even with the USB type which are advanced compared to other versions. This might be the most possible consideration for considering to buy android device.

#Expandable storage

Almost all android devices comes with the expandable memory feature. Some of the mobile manufacturing companies like HTC Nexus are not upto this feature though according to source that even these companies are on their way to provide this feature in upcoming products.

#Android Dual SIM

Dual sim feature is available in android based mobiles. Though there are only limited models based on this feature it is one of the best feature for the customers who travels abroad frequently.

#Browser priority

Android is an open platform so android users will have lot of flexibility in customizing their devices accordingly. Like prioritizing their favourite browser etc.

#high stream apps

Other platform devices are running with applications from google like Gmail, google maps, drive etc. android devices pre comes with the additional add-ons for this google applications.

#Bluetooth sharing, Wi-Fi direct

Sharing is easy with android device when compared to other O.S devices.

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