google photos app – Auto white-balance add-on from google

google photos appGoogle photos app is somehow underrated according to us. Google is rolling an update for this application this week. Later the company will release an update for iOS. This update includes the auto white balancing feature. We have seen couple of its photo before and after auto white balancing. So we think this is really improving the picture quality just by adjusting lights, glares in the picture.

So if users now open the google photos app the editor itself auto corrects the white balance in the photo. Though users will have options for adjusting exposure and saturation the white balance will give a good look to the image.

Google is constantly working to improve their photo application. What the thing here is company is providing same editing features on the mobile device as well as on the web. So there is lot of flexibility for the users to view, edit their pictures. Pixel has got same features of photo app.

All the new photo application features will help users to edit their images according to the weather, and the background in the photo. Google has released a couple of posts for making users learn about the editing features. Here is the link for it.

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